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Are you going to share those?

Bear’s just bought a new set of those new yummy bear shaped cookies she likes so much but she isn’t sure she wants to share. Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s definitely a month for sharing if not any other. The dilemma however is…’to share?’ or ‘not to share?’

While she struggles with the intricacies of being a good host, lets go through with the credits early.



The following items listed below are from the Cupid Inc Event

Hair (Mimi): [Limerence] Ashanti

Held cookie packs: [Kalopsia] Melanie’s Pity Party Bear Cookies

Petals & lights on bed: [moss&mink] Petal & Heart scatter  3li

Tray on the bed: [220ML] Good Morning my Love – Display 22li

Flower jar on headboard (purple): [moss&mink] Bottled Wall Flowers (carnation) 1li (resized)

Flower jar on headboard (pink): [moss&mink] Bottled Wall Flowers (roses) 1li (resized)



The items listed from here are available to pick up at Soiree

Hair (Parfait): [Imeka] Sora – Hair

Dress: [C’est la vie !] Sinae Dress (Star LblueD) – Belleza Freya

Fanny pack: [Tentacio] Rossie fanny pack leopard

Bed: [Nomad] Classic Bed (BENTO) PG // White 7li

Bedside tables: [Nomad] Bedside Table // White 1li each

Potted green indoor plant: [Mithral] ZZ Plant (Diamond Pot) 1li

Wood shelf cabinet (behind plant): [Mithral] Dowel Cabinet (Medium Wood) 1li


Items available at Mainstores

Sleeping bear on side table: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Sleeping / Latte 1li

Bear  under sheets: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Hug me / Latte  1li

Heart shape balloons (bunch of 3): [ keke ] heart balloon – 3 blush 2li

Heart shape balloons (single): [ keke ] heart balloon – 1 blush 1li

Book pile & candle: [Fancy Decor] Less Books & Candles 1li

Bulb sprout plants: [ keke ] spring sprout 2li each

Folded Blanket on side table: [Half-Deer] Neatly Folded Blankets – Pink Floral 1li


*All the above items have been kindly provided by Creators / Events for blogging/review purposes.

*The mesh bodies used in this post were Belleza Freya (Parfait) and Maitreya Lara (Mimi)


Supporting Cast

Poses used: [Foxcity] Lean sit 5 fatpack exclusive and Steamy 2

Build used: [The Den] TD_Historic_Main_w/ Marble skybox (currently free on marketplace) 33li

Clothes hanger: [Haikei] Feels Like Romance / GACHA / {3} 6li

Chair: [Haikei] Slowly Getting / GACHA / {3} 3li

Wall picture (not fully shown) but it is: [Acorn] Perfume Art -Pink 1li

Outfit (Mimi): is by Bueno

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