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Another study in relaxation

Today’s blog post is a credits only post so hold on to your hats guys, here come the credits. Happy Monday to you all!




Chair: [What Next] Bailey Lounge Chair (w/pillow) 6li @Mainstore

Flower in vase on side table: [What Next]  Bailey Vase 1li @Mainstore

Side table: [What Next]  Bailey Side Table 1 1li @Mainstore

Carpet: [What Next] Bailey Rug #1 5li @Mainstore

Hanging Canvas on wall: [What Next] Bailey Wall Hanging 3li @Mainstore

Book pile next to the skull: [What Next] Bailey Books Decor 1li @Mainstore


Violin set and clutter: [Madras] MADRAS Violin FULL SET LINKED 6li (items come separately too) @Mainstore


Calendar: [Sorumin] Wooden Desk Calendar -Auto Date Changing- 11li @Limit8


Skull with crystals: [Refuge] Crystal Skull Blue 2li @Mainstore


Vases next to skull: [Fancy Decor] Capo Vases 1li each  @Collabor88

Picture frame (top): [Fancy Decor] Spencer Painting – F.G. Short Landscape 1li @Mainstore

Picture frame (bottom): [Fancy Decor] Spencer Painting – G. Earp Pastoral Scene @Mainstore

Candles: [Fancy Decor] Capo Candle Holder 1li @Collabor88

Console (that candles are sitting on): [Fancy Decor] Capo Console 1li @Collabor88

Magazines in cubicle area: [Fancy Decor] Capo Magazine Stack B 1li @Collabor88

Cube sculpture (on pile of books): [Fancy Decor] Capo Wire Sculpture 1li @Collabor88

Curtains: [Fancy Decor] 17 Fancy Decor: Jansen Drapes 3li (gacha item) @Mainstore


Window blind: [Keke] zen clickable roller curtain . fog 2li @Mainstore



Supporting Cast


Build: [Apple Fall] West Village Belgravia Skybox 53li

Cupboard: [Your Dreams] {YD}My Sanctuary – Entrance Wardrobe Boy Limited 12li

Indoor plant: [Dust Bunny] elephant ear plant 3li

Trolley set: [Dust Bunny & Consignment] Con & Dust Bunny . Coffee Station – Gold 8li



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