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Today I wanted to make a pink/nude and brown wood scene in an early sunset setting. The location for this? an attic room because lets face it, attic rooms are the best for making hideaways and escape rooms. For Art and creativity, or simply for having a den high up in the sky. The items that make up today’s dream scene are from both Soiree and Collabor88. Take heed however that Collabor88 is ending soon. The 6th will be the last day before the change over. Yet I couldn’t let it end without showing you some of what you’re missing  if you haven’t yet been.

I hope this scene is as relaxing for you as it felt for me because I really did enjoy making this one. Happy Saturday guys, I’m off to browse through the Saturday sale.

Speaking of the Saturday Sale Asteroid box has the Billi jewelry set from my previous post out for the sale. You can get your own set for the really great price of 50-75 Linden. So while you’re out shopping for C88 and Soiree you may want to take a visit to [Asteroid box] too.




Items from Collabor88 April round. This round ends on the 6th of May.


Sink: [Plaaka] LabSink 1li @Soiree

Step Ladder: [Plaaka]  Craftroom StepLadder 2li @Soiree

Mat/rug: [Plaaka]  Washroom JuteMat 1li  @Soiree

Ruler/Tape measure on wall (near ‘hell yes’ sign): [Plaaka] CraftroomWallTools Rulers@Soiree

Tools and berry branch on table (foreground): [Plaaka]  CraftroomWallTools Mallet&ShoeMakerTool 1li @Soiree



Indoor Plants (left foreground): [Mithral] Calathea Zebrina (Copper Pot) 1li @Soiree

Basket (holding the plants): [Mithral] Basket Plant Stand (Dark Wood) 2li @Soiree

Indoor Plants (foreground and on desk shelf): [Mithral] Calathea Rattlesnake (Copper Pot) 1li @Soiree


Wall sign 1: [Second Spaces] Newd wall text – SEND NUDES – soft gold @Collabor88

Wall sign 2: [Second Spaces] Newd wall text – HELL YES – soft gold @Collabor88


Desk: [Acorn]  Danish Wall Desk 1li @Collabor88

Chair: [Acorn]  Plait Chair -Blush 1li @Collabor88

Lamp: [Acorn]  Marble handle Lamp -Blush 2li  @Collabor88

Open magazine: [Acorn]  Potter About Book 1li @Collabor88

Pencil cup: [Acorn]  Pencil Cups -Olive 1li @Collabor88

Tape dispenser: [Acorn]  Sticky Tape Dispenser 1li @Collabor88


Daybed: [Nomad] Cart Daybed // Rose A // PG 8li @Collabor88

Clock: [Nomad] Clock TV // Bubblegum 2li @Soiree



The following items are available from the mainstores. Please click on the store name in ‘[]’ for landmark to store.


Box of seeds on table: [Spell] Berries box 3li (gacha item) {From the SPELL – May gacha}

Basket of nuts: [Spell]  Nuts & hazelnuts basket 3li (gacha item) {from the SPELL : Noviembre gacha}

Origami hanging birds: [Spell]  Origami Curtain (Pale Pink) 2li (resized gacha item) {From the SPELL – May gacha}


Flower in glass jar on table: [ keke ] crysanthemum 1li

Table used in foreground was the [ keke ] mod table . wood which is 2li


*all above items have been kindly provided for blogging/review purposes by Creators.


Supporting Cast


Building: [Hive] simple skybox 17li

Jars of glitter on shelf: [.random.Matter] Art Studio – Glitter Jars (gacha item) 1li

Mannequins on shelf: [.random.Matter] Art Studio – Dabbing Mannequin (gacha item) 1li

Crayons on desk: [.random.Matter] Art Studio – Chalk Pastel (gacha item) 1li

Jar of brushes on sink: [Apple Fall] Bath Brushes in Milk Glass Jar 1li

Poster on wall (wide): [Tsuru’s Artifacts] My Japanese Summer Retreat 15)Poster collection 1 (gacha item)

Poster on wall (smaller): [Tsuru’s Artifacts] My Japanese Summer Retreat 17) Poster Collection 3 1li (gacha item)

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