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An abandoned mystery?

Hi everybody, this is going to be quite the busy week for me again work wise. I just finished working now and I’m not going to lie, I’m cross eyed since I started very very early today and I’ve been going for fifteen hours. Unfortunately that means I only have enough minerals left in me for a credit only post. Still please enjoy today’s scenery for Collabor88 while I crash out so very hard.

I wanted to make an environment that had a fairytale feel since the theme is after all fairytale, no? Well here come the credits!



Build: [Nomad] Old Ruins 85li {@Collabor88}

Stringed lights round the outside: [ keke ] stringed garden lights . big {@Mainstore} 1li

Floating stars and starry floor: [Half Deer] +Half-Deer+ Starry Surface Prim (Big – Rec) 1li each {@Mainstore}

Piano: [Pitaya] Folklore piano black (decor only) 6li {@Collabor88}

Piano bench: [Pitaya] Folklore piano bench black pg 2li each {@Collabor88}

Succulent tub (foreground): [DaD] “Vintage Succulent Bathtub Planter” c/m v.1.0 12li {@Collabor88}

Succulent tub (near piano): [DaD] “Vintage Succulent Sink Planter” c/m v.1.0 7li {@Collabor88}

Table /canopy/chair set:  [Chez Moi] Velares Bistro Set (Adult) 11li {@Collabor88}

Candle: [Pitaya] Folklore candle long 2li {@Collabor88}

Tray with cup/macaron: [Chez Moi] Velares Coffee Tray 2li {@Collabor88}

Terrarium: [Half Deer] +Half-Deer+ Succulent Crystal Terrarium – Green/Black (Smal) 1li {@Collabor88}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.


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