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All together now, again

Hi all! I crashed out yesterday so I didn’t get to upload a post for yesterday. I was worn out from work so you’re getting it the next day instead because I still have a schedule to stick to. I am also baby sitting today so I’m even more tied up. However I managed to sneak in some time while they were sleeping.

Today’s image is featuring my avatar, yes, we cloned her again because there were two ideas really. Initially I was meant to take a picture with Satomi, however I realised I would have to wait till today which would be too late for yesterday. I had decided to take a picture just with my avatar instead. However since I didn’t get to upload yesterday it turns out I waited till today anyway. This meant I did indeed get to take a picture with the two of us.

I still really liked the solo shot too and didn’t want to get rid of it so I’ve combined the image. It took some fiddling but ya, good thing I write down the windlights and positions. Nevertheless here are a a couple of very cute girly dresses for all the floral queens out there. Check out the credits below.


Bear 1 is wearing…

Hat: [:uzu:] last summer gacha – hat 8 {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Hair: [tram] I0414 hair {@Mainstore}
Skin: [Heaux] Nadia – Lelutka EvoX {@Collabor88}
Sunflowers: [:uzu:] last summer gacha – sunflower {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Wrist sunflowers: [:uzu:] last summer gacha – wristband {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Dress: [:uzu:] last summer gacha – RARE {@Okinawa Summer Festival}


♡ Flowers: {anc} -Garden- by anc “end of universe” rose / group 3Li (allcolor) 3Li each {@Collabor88}
♡ Glow lights/effects: {anc} breath of rose / twist for mod 2Li {@Collabor88}
♡ Building in background: [Raindale] Airspring shed 17Li {@Mainstore}
Kitty laying on wall: [+Half-Deer+] Magical Girl Pet – Kitty (Rez) 1Li {@Mainstore for FLF}
Bunny on wall: [+Half-Deer+] Magical Girl Pet – Bunny (Rez) 1Li {@Mainstore for FLF}

Bear 2 (middle) is wearing…

♡ Hair: [tram] J0524 hair {@Mainstore}
♡ Kitty on head: [+Half-Deer+] Magical Girl Pet – Kitty (Wear/Head) {@Mainstore for FLF}
Dress: [Sorumin] Village Vibe Set – Wind Dress (L.Perky,Legacy, Maitreya, M.Petite, Kupra, Kups) {@Anthem}
Bowl of fruit: [Sorumin] Villabe Vibe Set – Raspberries Plate {@Anthem}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.
**Mesh body used is Legacy Petite. Mesh head used is the Lelutka Briannon.

Supporting Cast

Satomi is wearing…
♡ Hat: [uzu: x dalgona ] Berry Blossom gacha – HAT (yello check)
♡ Hair: [*barberyumyum*] L12(04)
♡ Dress: [Hime Dream] Melanie Dress – Pink (Maitreya)

Bear 1….

Tights: [Violent Seduction] Psyche Stockings (White)

Bear 2…

Tights: [The Secret Store] Polka Tights – White
Bag: [Tentacio] basket cream
Headdress used: [Insomnia Angel] sweetness gacha – girlmade headdress [pure]


Wall: [Apple Fall] Dock Wall Kit – Straight – 1Li per block (3 used)
Basket: [dust bunny] dreamy outing . picnic basket . cream 4Li

Poses used…

♡ Middle: [Diversion] Sunshower 7 (*edited by the holding animations and Lelutka Axis HUD)
♡ Bear 1: [Stun] Barbie 4 (*edited by the holding animation)
♡ Satomi: [micamee]  pose_Hyunna 3 (I like this pose can you tell)

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