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All together now

We got back together at least temporarily in-world in one of those spur of the moment things. I just happened to be setting the scene for a blog shoot and guess who turned up. Naturally I extended the invitation to join in and so we all posed about on the bed, in what would have simply been a Decor shot,to parade in our pretty lingerie.

My avatar is featuring Cynful’s lingerie currently at Collabor88 and Mimi and Ichi are wearing pretty lingerie available from Frou Frou. We’ve taken poor Ichi prisoner with the help of these lovely cuffs by Asteroid box from Whore Couture event. We haven’t quite decided what to do with her. I vote for pushing her off the bed. What?! I didn’t say I was a ‘nice’ bear girl.

I have also kept a shot of the decor since it is too pretty not to.




Lingerie worn by Parfait (L): [Cynful] Juliet’s Lingerie (Freya, Isis, Lara, HG) @Collabor88

Lingerie worn by Mimi (middle): [American Bazaar] Ella Mai Lingerie White (HG, Lara, Freya) @Frou Frou

Lingerie worn by Ichi (R): [Ringo Hana] Aoi Lingerie – common pink (Maitreya , HG -gacha item) @Frou Frou

Cuffs on Ichi: [Asteroid Box]  Erotes Cuffs (unrigged and designed to work with any avatar. Adjustments needed and also comes with RP emote feature) @Whore Couture


Poses: [Serendipity]  tahlia – using pose 5 and 3 (Parfait and Ichi) @mainstore


all together now_roomm



Chandaliers: [Half Deer] Faerye Flower Chandelier (Pale) 7li @Collabor88

Trailing Plants on shelf: [What Next] Pothos Plant (trailing) 1li each

Boxes on shelf (patterned): [Fancy Decor] Bernard Boxes 1li

Boxes on shelf (plain gilt edged): [Fancy Decor] Watson Stacked Boxes 1li

Tulip and Vase: [Fancy Decor] Flora tulip vase 1li

Books stack: [Fancy Decor] Spencer Book Stack

Glass lamp: [Fancy Decor] Russell Floorlamp


*The above items have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes.

*The bodies worn in today’s post – Maitreya Lara worn by Mimi & Ichi. Parfait is using the Belleza Freya.


Supporting Cast


Pose 2: [Hello Gorgeous] Minx 4 (Mimi)

Curtain (poufed): [DRD] 3.DRD LN curtain 1 (poofed) – gacha item  4li

Bed: [tarte] jennifer iron bed – PG 9li

Building: [tarte] church greenhouse 15li

Shelves: [Nisuki] – Ae Scalloped Shelf 1li each (gift)

Cosmetic set on bed: [Tentacio] roses and make up 1li

Plants in foreground: [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 2li


Wearable items

Parfait’s Hair: [Doux] Lesly Hairstyle

Eyes: [S0ng] Kiko eyes

Mimi’s Hair: [Limerence] Ashanti

Ichi’s Hair: [DP yumyum/Barberyumyum]

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