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What do you do when you can’t find anyone to pose with you? you call in your clone. I don’t clone my avatar very often but it is rather fun when I do. It’s oddly satisfying in a way seeing two of the same avi’s. I initially started with the standing pose but thought there are so many other items I want to add to the scene but my avatar can wear only one outfit. Also I don’t really have anyone to invite on. I’m down to my last three hundred Linden too. I might have gone shopping *cough*FLFFlourishTheOutlet*cough* a lot. Totally worth it but still a lot more than I had intended to this week. I haven’t even safely navigated the rest of the weekend sales and I still regret nothing. I got so much good stuff.

Salem is around the corner but so is NeoJapan, strangely enough they both open on the same day. I didn’t even know that. I figured since you’re going to have to wait for this mouth-wateringly good suit (it’s really good) then I’m going to take the same chance to show you some Salem items too. I fell in love with this black dress, it feels and looks really elegant. I also fell in love with the suit too. I’m not even surprised because that tends to happen with every AsteroidBox item I put on. How is it always so good?! I’m not really a suit person but damn. There is something about the fit of the trousers, the shirt and it’s jacket on top even the patterns. I felt like my avatar was hot okay. Do you see that sexy shirt dip? I love it SO much.

I even love the two tone hair by Buing, the style and it in this colour is everything perfect with the world. Don’t worry if you can’t see the make-up up close and personal because you get an even closer look behind.

Below is a shot without overlay taken inworld to show the two different looks. With the first I am using the Maitreya Petite body, However the dress didn’t have a Maitreya Petite size and it looked a little silly wearing it and not filling the cups at all. So, I took it off for the dress shot. The rings made it into the main shot but I wanted a closer shot of it on both hands as well. It matches the eyeshadow so well that It seemed a shame not to get them in together in a close up shot.

I even left off the overlay I used on the main picture. Can you feel the intensity of that eyeshadow? It’s all kinds of good. The lipgloss I am currently using is the one I was wearing in a previous post from Ives. The nails are the default maitreya nails with the black nail polish in the HUD. I should note though that the pose on the wall was slightly edited with the Lelutka Axis HUD. I used it to change the focus direction. All poses used have been listed in the supporting cast if you are curious. I made sure to keep note this time. You’ll be so proud.

On to the credits!


Featured Items

Orange red eyes: [Lotus] Firefly Eyes 03 {@Salem} open 26th Sept
Eyeshadows: [Adored] Dark Mistress Eyeliner (using Vampy & Monstra) (BOM layers for Catwa, Genus, Lelutka) {@Salem} open 26th Sept
Dress: [Belle Epoque] Beatrix – Black (Maitreya only) {@Salem} open 26th Sept
Puff sleeves: [Belle Epoque] Beatrix Sleeves – Black (Maitreya only) {@Salem} open 26th Sept
Rings: [Peculiar Things] Salem Psychic Rings (Jake, gianni, freya, maitreya) {@Salem} open 26th Sept
Chest Scar: [Izzie’s] 09 Heart Surgery Scar {@Salem} open 26th Sept
Tattoo: [Stardust] Ariana Void Tattoo 75% (Bom, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Omega) {@Mainstore}
Suit: [AsteroidBox] Lennox Outfit (comes with HUD to hide top, bottoms, shirt only & includes alphas- available for – Legacy F&M, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Petite, V-tech, Jake, HG, Gianni, Freya) {@NeoJapan} open 26th Sept
Duo tone Hair: [Buing] Ariella Hair {@Salem} open 26th Sept

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used: maitreya lara and maitreya lara petite. mesh head used: Genus Baby.


Supporting Cast

Poses: [Diversion] Leaning Poses *currently available at discount at florish
Close up poses used [Indigo] nina set and Jewelry pose set *currently available at discount at florish
Backdrop: [Varonis] Nakano Back Alley Background 194li and [Varonis] Nakano Back Alley Background [End Part] 6li

Lipgloss: [Ives] Ferocity Lipgloss

Hair: [Doux] Sins

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