All is Pink

All is pink

Is this overdoing it? Do I love it too much? I’ve always wanted to make an entirely pink avatar. I think today my dream came true. I started building this avatar from the pink hair. It looked cute and quirky at the same time. I also added my favourite attachment to it. The heart-shaped hair flick that I can’t seem to live without at the moment. I wanted something sufficiently alien and pink but pretty and otherworldly.

Look, my avatar is in pink lipstick, full strong pink lipstick. I didn’t think I would see the day. It is hard to find cute pink lipglosses/lipsticks for avatars when your avatar is dark-skinned. It tends to be made for the paler spectrum. Top1Salon released a set of pretty lipsticks at Collabor88 and I’m in love. This is probably going to join my list of things I can’t live without. I was even able to crank it up to 100 and not have to reduce the opacity in order to make it fit. In honour of this amazing day, I’ve upped the ‘poutage’ levels to max effect. Take it!

Something even more dreamy came from Moon Amore but then I’m not surprised because *sigh* they make the dreamiest clothing. It comes in two parts, there’s the top and then the skirt. So you could technically wear it with trousers or a skirt. It’s only for Maitreya but there is the ability to wear it with the legacy body using the deformers as I’m doing.

As for the collar, I loved it. At first, I thought it was a ring of necklaces, from afar that is, but it turned out to be so much better. I love that there was a rose gold option too. My favourate was the long version because I loved the way it seemed to just pour between the breasts. It’s the little things you guys, just the little things that make me fall in love.

Stardust also updated one of my favourite tattoos with BOM layers and I was so happy. I ended up putting them on forgetting completely I already had a set on by Stardust. The ones I blogged just recently. Strangely enough to me, they looked beautiful and ridiculously intricate together so I decided to keep it on. So what you are seeing is a mix of two tattoos along the arms and fingers.



Hair: [C’est La Vie] Soni Hair  {@Mainstore}

Lipstick: [Top1Salon] HD Tide Lipstick (Genus, Lelutka) {@Collabor88}

Earrings: [Momoko] Laura Earrings {@Mainstore}

Necklace: [Bueno] Royal Choker – Rose Gold (Legacy, Freya, HG, Maitreya, Unrigged) *available in Rose Gold, Onyx, Silver, Light Gold and Gold. {@Collabor88}

Tattoo (chest, arms and hands): [Stardust] Dream – Candy (top tattoo 100%) (BOM, appliers – Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Omega) {@Mainstore}

Tattoo (arms and hands): [Stardust] Eliza (BOM, Legacy, Belleza, Slink, Omega) {@Uber}

Dress: [Moon Amore] Deborah Dress/Top (Maitreya) {@Collabor88}


*all above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging /review purposes.

*Mesh body used is the Legacy perky mesh body combined with the Genus strange mesh head. I used this head for its eyelash tinting capabilities.


Supporting Cast

Eyes: [Mila] Galaxy Eyes

Eyebrows: [Harana] Mugi Brows

Heart-shaped flick: [Rosier] ahoge 05


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