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I believe I have found the one. This computer is so much better. Yes it took me having to try a second time but it was entirely worth it to just go for it. Now I am just swamped in returns which will need to be sent out and processed in order for me to feel safe again. In the meantime however I am cautiously ecstatic that I am back (touch wood) and being able to blog again without restrictions. I think about it and I want to burst into giggles. I can’t tell you how happy I am but at the same time I am so very scared to be happy in case…well, we won’t say anything to jinx it.

As if to show just how happy I am my scene when I got to make it was absolutely full of items. I couldn’t decorate enough as if to stop would cause me to instantly combust. I did take some things out and some just didn’t show up in the eventual angle.

It’s like having been deprived for that period of time I have now gorged myself on Second Life so much so that the night before I crashed into bed. Most unwillingly I might add. I simply could not keep my eyes open anymore. I also shopped in a manic haze that made up for all those days of not being able to.

There are lots of fun events on at the moment, I know that’s usually the case but this time? I really knew it! said the girl who suddenly had her addiction returned and promptly overdosed on it. I know I have mentioned Collabor88 already but ‘so much nice things!‘ and did you know Season Story opened on the 10th? No? I did! I’ve been on tenterhooks waiting. I love the layout this time around too. It’s so great how it always looks different. Aesthetics alone it is already one of my favourates but then you get to all the shopping and ah bliss.

Today’s post is featuring items from The Seasons Story, Collabor88 and Kustom9 which hasn’t quite opened yet but it’s coming. I love the pose today, it’s by Serendipity, naturally, and it’s a mainstore release so you can get your hands on it instantly.

Here come the credits…



Poses main image: [Serendipity] Roslyn 4

Pose second image: [Serendipity] Roslyn 3


Items from The Seasons Story

Items below are exclusively available at Seasons Story only during the round. They may be available at the linked stores below only after the round has ended.

Hair: [Letituier] Sonia Hair

Eyelashes used: [SugarJam] Natural Lashes (genus)

Earings: [Ersch] Bunny earrings

Necklace: [Ersch] Bunny Choker

Hand tattoo: [Rainbow Sundae] Crystal Hand Tatts

Plant near the sink: [Mithral] Sansevieria Trifasciata (Diamond Pot) 1li


Items from Collabor88 

Items below are exclusively available at Collabor88 only during the round. They may/will be available at the linked stores below only after the round has ended.

Lingerie & Robe set: [Mossu] Grace (freya, hourglass, maitreya)

Shoes: [Pure Poison] Bunny Slippers (maitreya, slink & belleza)

Candles: [Fancy Decor] Roulin Candlesticks 1li each

Mirror: [Kalopsia] Cleo – Fancy Mirror 1li

Hanging light: [Kalopsia] Cleo – Art Deco Lamp 2li

Rug: [Kalopsia] Cleo – Faux Fur Rug – White 1li

Sink: [Foxwood] Spa – Sink 4li *

Shelf: [Foxwood] Spa – Shelf 3li *

Bathroom Tray (placed inside shower): [Foxwood] Spa – Tray 3li *

Hung robe: [Foxwood] Spa – Robe 4li *


From Builders Box – Snowstorm box (buy box here) [website]

Blankets: [Dahlia] Denmark – Blanket – Blush 1li



*All items listed below have been kindly provided by Creators / Events for blogging /Review purposes. All marked with ^ are personal purchases but still from the event I blog for. It has been listed above for reader’s convenience.

*Mesh body used is Maitreya Lara combined with Genus Classic mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Foxcity] Photo Booth – Cleanse 17li @Kustom9

Plant on wall: [Mithral] Metal Propagation Set (Gold) 1li @ Kustom9

Plant next to shelf: [Mithral] Monstera Adansonii (White Pot) 1li @ Kustom9

Petals: [Half Deer] Sakura Petals – Pink 1-3li

Eye make up clutter: [tres blah] Jolie – Eye Makeup 1li (gacha item)

Cloche: [tres blah] Eclectic Collection – Round Cloche 1li

Colander of bath bombs: [tres blah] Eclectic Collection -Bath Bombs RARE (gacha item)

Press for champagne: [tres blah] Eclectic Collection – Press For Champagne

Basket: [vespertine] heritage laundry basket. 4li

Spray bottles: [tres blah] Jolie – Hair Products 1li


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