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I’m extremely happy today, happy to see you of course but also equally happy that it is a bank holiday weekend. What shall we do together? I’ve already got my Easter egg, I haven’t picked quite what I may be doing other than eating Easter eggs and drawing till my next picture day. In fact I highly considered a pop up but we will have to see about that.

Bear seems to have had the idea to set up a honey stand and she might be selling honey all weekend long. It’s a good thing then that she has a soft fluffy friend to keep her company. Her new friend is all soft fur and warmth, fuzzy nosed and fluttery ears. I don’t believe she might let go any time soon so my advice is to just drop the money on the cart.

If you haven’t been to Bloom this entire time then that’s terrible but it’s okay because I get to present my last lure into the event. Everything in today’s post is from Bloom, it’s a virtual Bloomathon. I love the dress, it is so beautiful. I love how the flowers on it seem to blend with the grass. It’s almost as if the floral parts of the grass jumped up onto the dress and became a part of it.

Speaking of the grass, it’s by Stardust! No, it’s not an April Fool’s. I swear. Isn’t it the prettiest thing you ever saw? I love it, I can’t promise you won’t be seeing it again in my outdoor photos. I love that there are lots of colours to choose from too. So even in a winter or fantasy setting, there’s a colour for you. I couldn’t actually fit in all the things I would have loved to. That’s where you come in by visiting you will see all the lovely things I haven’t shown you.

Oh! the rocks, it’s probably strange to get excited about rocks but these are so pretty. Maybe I just don’t find good rocks often. These would look so good on any landscape. I love the fact that on some the grass looks like it’s peeking through the rocks. They are no doubt going to be making an appearance in more images just as much as the grass.

The shed is also really cute. I didn’t want to over dress it but given half the chance I would have decorated the heck out of it. It makes you want to go crazy decorating and small spaces seem to be my most favourate thing to do. I wanted to hang flowers from it and everything. The white wood, the fence, even the roof and the doors, adorable! It would even be perfect in the full bloom of a Summer garden.


Hair: [Limerence] Susan Hair {@Bloom}
Dress: [Moon Amore] Fleurir Dress (Legacy, Maitreya) * {@Bloom}
Bunny: [+Half-Deer+] Snuggle Bunny (wear) – White {@Bloom}
Skin: [Pity Party] Daisy – Lelutka Evo X (BOM only- Flat/Clevage/Small chests; Belleza/Legacy/Maitreya feet; Lel EvoX HD ears Bom; Brow/NoBrow/Monolid options; 4 tones available. Pictured is Tone 4 with Brows Monolid) {@Bloom}

Cart: [Balaclava] Honey Vendor Cart [1LI-LOD] {@Bloom}
Honey jar display: [Balaclava] Honey Display 1li {@Bloom}
Shed: [Raindale] Airspring shed 17li {@Bloom}
Floral wall interior of shed: [Pitaya] Wall Posters – Wall square Green 1li {@Bloom}
Mattress: [Silence] Shabby Spring Floor Bed – Limited Easter – PG 13li {@Bloom}

Table with items: [Fetch] Clover Table – Decor 2li {@Bloom}
Teddy Honey jar on table: [Balaclava] Kuma Honey Jar 1li {@Bloom}
Sacks of soil: [22769] Sacks Of Soil – common 1li {@Bloom}
Potted plant on it’s side: [22769] Fallen Pot – common 2li {@Bloom}
Bench: [22769] DIY Bench – common 2li {@Bloom}

Grass: [Stardust] Dream Grass (using Green yellow white & Green darker white) 1li per patch {@Bloom}
Circle frames on fence: [Silence] Easter Wall Dioramas 3li {@Bloom}
Birdhouse Man: [Sari-Sari] Birdhouse Man with Lantern 2li {@Bloom}
Rocks (tall): [Hisa] Rocky heights 3li each {@Bloom}
Rocks (clutter of stones on ground): [Hisa] Rocky heights – Stone Pile w grass 3li a pile {@Bloom}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes unless otherwise denoted with an ‘*’ but still listed in the featured section due to the fact that I am blogging the event.

**Mesh body used in today’s image is the Legacy Perky combined with the Lelutka Briannon evoX mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Necklace: [Makokoi] Glittery Bear Necklace
Round rock in foreground:[FOURTH WALL] Mossy Rock – 03

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