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Action pose

Action Pose

With the sheer amount of animations I’ve been watching and all those transformation sequences I have to admit, I’ve tried multiple times to come up with my very own action pose. When the transformation is over, what would your pose be?

My very first one was this strange looking creation that looked rather like I was constipated. Then again, I was new at it. Over time it has evolved into something that is a cross between Sailor Moon’s salute and a completely impractical pose that would make the Ginyu force proud. It’s still a work in progress, it’s not perfect. It’s probably too complicated…but hey it’s mine. I also just imagine all the ribbons in the background too.

Bear’s trying hers out and I liked it, then again she’s helped by the cute poses made by  SAC and Satomi’s come along for the ride too.

So if they can do it so can you.



Bear is wearing…

Outfit: [Miwas] Maria Outfit (Legacy, Legacy Perky, HG, Freya, Maitreya) {@Equal10}

Hair: [Monso] Xinni Hair – Mix & Pop {@Collabor88}

Heart gems (under eyes): [Miwas] Tokki. x MIWAS / Idol HeartPearl {@Mainstore}

♡ Lipstick: [Top1Salon] HD Tide Lipstick (Genus, Lelutka) {@Collabor88}

Pose and weapons: [R2xSAC] Shinobi poses


Satomi is wearing…

Outfit: [R2 Fashion] Enyou Outfit {@Collabor88}

Panties: [R2 Fashion] Enyou Panties *gift item {@Collabor88}

Pose: [R2xSAC] Shinobi poses



Backdrop: [Minimal] Bella Backdrop -Orange- 22li {@Collabor88}


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used is the Legacy perky mesh body and Genus Strange mesh head. Satomi’s is the Maitreya mesh body and Genus mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Hair flick: {Rosier} / Ahoge 05

Satomi’s Hair: [Doux] Lulu Hairstyle

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