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A walk through wonderland

A walk through wonderland

I initially had a completely different idea for this post however once I set it all up, for lack of a better phrase, it sucked. It really did. I had this grandiose mental image of what I wanted it to look like and it was awesome. It was so awesome you all would have been gagging.

Then I put it together and I thought…nope. This is just not going to work. I must have come at it at every perceivable angle and no. I wasn’t at all satisfied. The next day I got the idea to just rez it all in my landscaped area where I have a raised pool (GETTING READY FOR SUMMER) and it suddenly occurred to me that it might work.

It wasn’t what I had originally imagined but I liked this strange presentation of items. Some big, some small and some floating around in this section of the woods. Like stepping into a small pocket of magic. Up is down and down is up. Big is small and small is big. We haven’t even had a cookie yet.

I hope you enjoy the image and I have some detail shots for this one too because it is quite a large picture.



The detail shots and credit images below are used from the unfiltered version all items can be seen clearly.


step into wonderland detail 1

step into wonderland detail 2




To locate the item you wish more information about please match the corresponding alphabet letter in the image to the list below.


step into wonderland credits 1

step into wonderland credits 2

Pose: [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 62 – SEmodeling-603 @C88


  • A: [Ionic] White rabbit frame 1Li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • B: [Ionic] Wonderland sweet table – RARE 15li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • C: [Ionic] Hallucinogen mushrooms seats 3li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • D: [Ionic] Falling – RARE 19li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • E: [Ionic] Wonderland Clocks 3li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • F: [ionic] Alice cake 4li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • G: [Ionic] Card Soldier 3li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10


  • H: [MishMish] Teddy Bear 1li each @Mainstore
  • I: [Ionic] Eat me, take one! [Cookies] 6li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • J: [Ionic] Wonderland Cookies 4li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • K: [Yokai] CactusPlush – Blooming Baby Stand (yellow set) 1li @C88
  • L: [Ionic] Eat me Macaron cookies 8li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10
  • M: [Yokai] CactusPlush – Little Opuntia Cutie (cream set) 1li @C88
  • N: [Ionic] Falling – RARE 19 (see D above)
  • O: [Ionic] Door to Wonderland 3li (Wonderland Set) @Equal10



*All items listed above have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes.


**Mesh body used in today’s post is the Belleza Freya mesh body combined with Genus Classic mesh head.

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->to see image background in full all you have to do is click the ‘-‘ (the minus) at the bottom of the window to make the text box retract. Press ‘+’ to bring it back

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