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I coudn’t convey to you, if I tried, the amount of frustration I have been experiencing with my internet this past week. It has made everything so painful to do it’s ridiculous. Everything stalls, I get logged out, I can’t rezz and I can’t take pictures. All I can do is turn the air blue, throw my toys out the pram and stalk off.

Having contacted them all they do is send out automated emails and say they have 28 days in which to get back. What does that mean? 28 days is an awfully long time even with a pandemic. That doesn’t help me at all. I know it’s not critical and it could be worse but I can barely work properly from home let alone get to do any of my pictures. The internet keeps cutting off constantly and down more often than it’s up. It’s almost like it’s on one second and then off the next. This is no exaggeration. I know I’m fond of exaggerating and all. You know us Bears, everything has to be rather grandious. In this case however, it is far from exaggeration.

On Sunday I nearly had a fit of rage, there were other issues at play of course. I was having a terrible weekend but the internet did not help my short fuse in the slightest. Taking this picture was a lesson in ultimate patience. Not because I did not enjoy the subject matter, oh gosh no, look at all the yummy food. It’s beautiful. I couldn’t wait to show it to you. It’s now one of my most favourate KraftWork sets to be perfectly honest. Do you know what your virtual kitching and dining room has been missing all this while? Food art in pretty tiny plates, skillfully arranged by your hand in your own home. It is out at The Epiphany right now. Is it bad that I looked at it and wanted to be able to taste every single one of those tiny dishes. Especially the dessert, naturally. I have such a sweet tooth. This is most certainly not breaking news.

Now, what was I saying about the internet again?

Oh yes! internet made me angry. So very angry…Ohh breadsticks, we could dip those! they are so knobbly and fun to chew on. I like how they crumble. Come, come, eat. Here’s a fork. It’ll all be gone if you dawdle.

unedited close ups from in-world



All items being featured in today’s post are from [KraftWorks] new gacha set called Foodie Love. It is available at {The Epiphany}

Items are listed from the left to the right.

7 KraftWork Foodie Love . Set of Glasses 1Li

11 KraftWork Foodie Love . Mango Terrine 1Li

KraftWork Foodie Love . Heating Station Copper REWARD 1Li


Items on top of the heating station…

10 KraftWork Foodie Love . Capeletti di Burrata 1Li

17 KraftWork Foodie Love . Chocolate Fudge Cake 1Li

8 KraftWork Foodie Love . Grilled Tuna & Sesame Crust 1Li

16 KraftWork Foodie Love . Cinnamon Ice Cream on Vanilla Mousse 1Li

12 KraftWork Foodie Love . Melone con Prosciutto 1Li


1 KraftWork Foodie Love . Appetizer Tray RARE 5Li

6 KraftWork Foodie Love . Cutlery Copper 1Li

13 KraftWork Foodie Love . Trout on Pea Puree 1Li

15 KraftWork Foodie Love . Prawn Toast & Parmesan Crust 1Li

5 KraftWork Foodie Love . Amuse Bouche Goat Cheese Toast 1Li

9 KraftWork Foodie Love . Carrot Soup Bouquet 1Li

5 KraftWork Foodie Love . Amuse Bouche Berry Mousse & Caviar 1Li

7 KraftWork Foodie Love . Set of Glasses 1Li

6 KraftWork Foodie Love . Cutlery Silver 1Li

4 KraftWork Foodie Love . Desserts Serving Board 4Li

14 KraftWork Foodie Love . Raviolli & Polpetta 1Li (plate on top of the serving board)


*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by the creator for blogging/review purposes.



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