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A taste of Madras

A taste of Madras

Today’s post is  a credits only post for home and garden and it is featuring items from Madras.




Items by Madras and available at the mainstore

Bookcase: [Madras] Vintage Slide Door Table Linked 6li

Stack of books on top: [Madras] MUSIC BOOK 2li

Fireplace; [Madras] Aish Fireplace Decor Linked 6li

Circular side table: [Madras] Dhamu Glass Teapoy table 2li

Candle lamp on top: [Madras]  Vintage Mirror Candle 1li

On left hand side of fire place (ground): [Madras] Vintage Dhamu Pot 1li

Bell: [Madras] Vintage Dhamu Bell Decor 1li

Doorstopper (next to bell): [Madras] Adoora Door Stopper 3 1li

Tray set on center table: [Madras] Wrought Plate Decor Set 4li


Items from Keke and available at the mainstore

Candelabra on top of fireplace: [ keke ] peony candelabra . black 2li

Vase of flowers on circular table: [ keke ] snowberries in vase . gold 2li

Jar of white roses on center table: [ keke ] my funny valentine . 1 . white 1li

Crystal ball next to it: [ keke ] zen orbuculum sphere . gold 2li


Items by Fancy Decor and available at the mainstore

Picture frame top: [Fancy Decor] Rameau Print A

Picture frame bottom [Fancy Decor] Rameau Print B


Champagne bottle on top of bookcase: [ChicChica] Bottle of champagne 2li

Glass next to it: [ChicChica] Glass of champagne DECO 2li


Build: [Minimal] Noble Skybox 78li

*all above listed items were provided by creators for blogging/review purposes


Supporting Cast


[hive]hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 3li

[Apple Fall] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter 5li

[Apple Fall] Rustic Cart Coffee Table 3li

[Rezz Room] Grouchy Cat Sniffing 1li *gacha item

[West Village] Pears in Vintage Trug 1li



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