A Sweet little thing

A sweet little thing

Here’s one of my pictures I never got to post in the month of January. I kept thinking I would have time to post it but when the end came I never did get to. I had to make sure I accomplished all my other deadlines first before I could indulge. As a result here it is later than first intended. My indulgence. I happen to love Lolita Fashion. It’s one of my guilty secrets. I never told you and you never heard it from me.

Today I’ve been watching Terrace House again. I can’t believe how easily I get sucked into that. It’s way cute. It feels like Love Island to me without the need to dress in skimpy clothing and without people having to be crass and chewing each others faces off every two seconds. I like seeing the foods too, it makes me curious and hungry. Hungrious? Curingry?  I think Hungrious works better even though it is terribly silly. The kind of hunger created by being curious what that…or that would taste like. The background sounds are also comforting and nice it’s like being surrounded by sounds of home.

I really enjoy the part where the people in the room talk about what’s happened in the middle. They make me laugh. Come on, surely it’s not just me. It’s just great. I even have my favourates in the housemates but I’m not sharing. I’m now going to throw a spanner in the works, pause everything, eat a pizza and watch Picard because yes…I’m a sci fi loving nerd too.



Dress: [Sweet Thing] Little Tokyo Dress – Blue (Maitreya only) {mainstore}

Flowers: 8. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Bouquet (white) *gacha item

*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

*Mesh body worn  Legacy mesh body with deformer


Supporting Cast

Bonnet: [Konpeitou] Sakura-ame 12 curtain bonnet *gacha item {mainstore}

♡ Hair : [Doux]- Malori Hairstyle {mainstore}

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