A summer stroll

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One of the fun things about being on summer holiday for me is getting to walk down the unfamiliar, to me, streets. I get to stare at all the new shops and buildings, ones I don’tusually get to see and imagine what it might be like to live there. I get to feel like a tourist for a few days before I have to return to my ‘usual’ environs. Today’s image was simply an imagining of being able to walk down a street on a sunny summer holiday to a new country. I was low key thinking America. There was a time I had wanted desperately to visit America. I know someone who went and from the mere recanting of their tale it sounded fascinating. Now though, there is no such chance but, I can pretend can’t I?

Here are some more shots I got beside the main image…

summer holiday snaps jpeg


♡ Hat: [Blume] Lou Hat – light (L.Pink) {@The Girl Power Event}

♡ Eyelashes: [Mukado] Casual lashes (lelutka, genus) {@The Girl Power Event}

♡ Eyes 1: [Bebe.Corn] Pporappippam eye 02 (pinkish colour) * gacha item {@The Girl Power Event}

♡ Eyes 2: [Bebe.Corn] Pporappippam eye 02 (pinkishblue/grey colour) * gacha item {@The Girl Power Event}

♡ Blush: [Nyaru] Sweet blush – bunny BOM {@The Girl Power Event}

♡ Earrings: [FenDuDu] Summer Donuts Earrings {@Sanarae} *no mainstore located

♡ Bracelets: [Kiru] Heart Screw Bracelet {@Sanarae}

♡ Ring: [Peekaboo] Kawaii Kitten Ring (legacy, maitreya)  {@Sanarae}

♡ Outfit: [Exia] Jules Bikini (Lara Petite, Legacy, Maitreya) {@Sanarae}

♡ Pose (main): [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 63 – SEmodelling 619 {@Mainstore}

♡ Pose (mini shot 1): [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 63 – SEmodeling 612 {@Mainstore}

♡ Pose (mini shot 2): [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 63 – SEmodeling 611 {@Mainstore}

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**Mesh body used is the maitreya lara using the Maitreya lara petite attachment. Mesh head used is the lelutka nova.


Supporting Cast

♡ Hair: [Barberyumyum/DP yumyum] *barberyumyum*T11

Bangs: [Barberyumyum/DP yumyum] *barberyumyum*(+bangs) (M)(click.resize)



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