A special birthday party

A special birthday party

Did you know that it will be Hello Kitty’s 45th Birthday soon? Did you know that there’s going to be a party in Second Life? Did you know there’s a beautifully decorated sim full of games to entertain you during this time? It’s okay if you didn’t. I didn’t know till I was told either and I screeched in delight. So now I’m passing the information on over to Yoooouu! (I’m sorry, I don’t have any arm waving inflatables to really sell that cut away to you but you get the idea right?)

You’re going to love it. It’s just pure clean Hello Kitty fun. I felt blessed just being able to be one of the first few to visit. There are water rides, a big wheel ride, a ball pit, a slide, a see-saw, there’s even a go kart ride. There was a maze too actually. I took some pictures from the sim but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise by showing you all everything. This is definitely something that you have to go and see for yourself. It will be so much more fun. In the mean time though I’m not above using sneak peeks. It’s just too good to keep it all to myself.hello kitty sim shots 1.pngI spent a good portion of time exploring the place and I couldn’t help but be impressed with all the work that went into the decorations. When you think they are all done by Astralia you begin to realise all the hard work and planning that must have gone into it. I can’t even imagine because I wouldn’t know where to start. If I did it there would be lots of cardboard cut outs, rickety lean-to buildings and bad drawings.

So, I found myself going back and forth between being excited and being amazed that so much work was done. The layout is lovely you can tell a lot of effort was made. It’s such a cute little place. Can we keep it forever?!

If you’re a lover of Hello Kitty like me then you must pop over while it is running to take pictures with your friends and collect food items. There will even be a tent with Hello Kitty themed items to buy.hello kitty sim shots 2.pngThe opening party will be on November the 1st, this is why I’m telling you in advance. Gotta get it. You’ve got two and a half days to prepare faithful disciple of the kitty! Pen it in the dairy because you simply can’t miss it. I wanted to go with Shy. I found out that she loves Hello Kitty too but she was the one I wanted to go with even before I found that extra bit of information out. Unfortunately she can’t attend. It would have been the best night in all history. It will just have to settle with being the best night ever.

Even if you aren’t a fan you should go just to have a look around and appreciate how cute the place is. Something else you should know is that it is a strictly PG sim so remember that when you’re grabbing your outfits. See you there!



Hoodie: [Sorumin]  Lazy hoodie –Maitreya, Isis, Freya, Legacy, HG

Tights: [C’est La Vie] Emmi Tights –Maitreya, Belleza, Omega, Slink appliers

Lanyard: [Astralia] Hello Kitty Birthday event by Astralia (Lanyard) (VIP’s)

Candyfloss: [Astralia x Hello Kitty] – CottonCandy (holdable)

Icecream: [Astralia x Hello Kitty] – Ice cream (holdable)

Event dates & sim info: November 1st to November 15th. The location, built on 3 regions, will host an interactive immersive game and a super cute Hello Kitty theme park, with a lot of funny attractions. Opening party is November 1st 2pm.


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**backdrop used in main image is an exclusive background and not available publicly.


Supporting Cast

Pose: [Foxcity] Candy Candy

Glasses: [random.Matter] – Rose Glasses – Gold

ribbon: [parfait]. Darling Bow

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