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A small harvest

Today’s post is a home and garden affair and I’m particularly happy about it because it has nice memories attached. One being I got to set it up while Ichi was there with me so our conversation and hangout is now inexorably tied to this scene. She liked this scene just as much as I did. It started off initially as a plan to show off Consignment’s offering to the Builders Box currently out called Dark Magic. We both agreed that the detail and texture work in this seat is and was amazing. It was nice to know it didn’t only affect me. It later evolved into something much much more because then the landscaping happened…and then the food happened and then floral affair happened. We picked out ever increasing items that would look nice in this growing autumnal setting.



Soon what had started out as a plan to take a picture of us and the chair turned into a completely home and garden decor that did not need us at all and we were both very okay with that. I leave you to instead insert yourself into the scene but hands off my cookies, those are mine! In fact, I’ll just take one right now before they all disappear…mmm leaf shaped cookies omnomnom.




GrassKeke – clover grass . summer . 10 x 10 1li @Mainstore

LightsKeke – stringed garden lights @Mainstore (from the Gardens Accessories set out for Fameshed GO on Oct 15th)


Furniture & Decor 

SeatConsignment [Con.] – Halloween Daybed – Brown 5li @Builders Box (Web – Inworld – MP)

Fox cup drinksWhat Next  – Fall Woodland Drinks (Coffee) 2li @Mainstore

Leaf shaped cookiesWhat Next – Fall Woodland Cookies (log) 2li @Mainstore

Apple pieAndika – [Harvest Moon-apple-pie] 2li @The Seasons Story

MarshmallowsAndika – [Harvest Moon- marshmallow] 1li @The Seasons Story

Double handed frothy drinkRandom Matter – Witch’s Kitchen – Cocoa 1li @Collabor88

CauldronRandom Matter – Witch’s Kitchen – Cauldron 1li @Collabor88

Book with wandRandom Matter – Witch’s Kitchen – Cookbook 1li @Collabor88

Pumpkins: Aloe – Pumpkin – Orange – Bumpy & Green – Dirty Bumpy (at pictured size 1li. [16 variations] Bumpy, Dirty, Regular available) @Collabor88 (no inworld store – creator name – AlliKeys)

Book pile with candlesFancy Decor – Less Books & Candles 1li @Collabor88


Supporting Cast 

all items listed below including the flowers list are my own purchases except for the basket of Lemons which was kindly provided by the Creator

Blanketdust bunny – dreamy outing . picnic blanket . mixed 5li

BasketO.M.E.N – Dog Park Day – 7 – Basket O’ Goodies 3li (gacha)

Apple basket8f8 – Granny’y Winter Cottage -31- Apple Basket 2li (gacha)

Lemon BasketAriskea – [Sour] Fresh Lemon Basket 1li

Croissant sandwichesdust bunny – dreamy outing . croissant sandwiches 1li

Gold bottomed side tableFancy Decor – Gold & Marble Table 1li

Table holding food items on the groundSese _8.Village Farm_Table (lowered down) 2li

Magazine and yoghurt pot: -tres blah- Hodgepodge – Morning Start 1 1li (gacha)


Supporting cast – Flowers

Jug*LODE* Decor – Philadelphus Vase 2li

Multicoloured: *LODE* Decor – Snapdragon Vase Big [mix] 9li

Spilled cranberries*LODE* Decor – Autumn Vibes Can [cranberries] 1li

Spilled blueberries*LODE* Decor – Autumn Vibes Can [blueberries] 1li


All items above except where denoted otherwise have been kindly provided by Creators/Events for blogging purposes. 


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