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A sip of quiet

A sip of quiet

It’s really cold today because I’ve got all the windows open. It’s grey and miserable and the air is fresh but chilly. I mean it’s not freezing hands cold but I’m sat in the living room in a summer dress. Hey, I like the florals okay. It’s a pretty mint colour with lovely little pink and blue flowers. I’ve also got a blanket draped round my shoulders. Technically, I should be working but I’m taking a momentary coffee break to write up today’s post. So just imagine we’re having a lovely little chat over a cup of coffee. You’ll like it. It’s really nice. It’s lovely, hot and froathy.

I use Oatmilk and before you rear back in horror just trust me when I say, it is rather nice. I used to be a great Soya Milk lover but now I’ve been converted to the church of Oatmilk. There’s an aftertaste to it that I really really like. You should really try it and see if you like it too. Anyway, today’s post right? right. Well, yesterday while I was setting up the scene for another landscape post, I realised half way through that if I don’t get a shift on, there would be no way I would make a post in time for today. Remember how I said this week I want to have a post out for every single day? Yeah. I would not have made it in time, it is still under construction. I think I want to add more to it. What I want it to be is still being thought up.

Here’s an image of the dress standing up…

So you get a different post, it was meant for a few days later but if I don’t tell you that you won’t know…but then I just told you. Ah well, just pretend like you didn’t know. Today, I am featuring items from Collabor88 and Sakura Matsuri. I’m also featuring this really cute dress by Sorumin. I love this dress. It is beautifully made. Beautifully. I love the folds, ruffles and the way it fits around the bosom. Oh my lord, it has beautiful form. I love the thin ribbon around the waist of the dress. It’s the cutest dress I can’t. The patterns are all beautiful too. I can’t lie, there was a moment when I went through all the colours three times and found it hard to choose. In the end I went with the red print because it matched these really adorable hair ribbons. You know me, I love ribbons.

The eyeshadow is bae, it’s so beautiful. I didn’t think it would look as nice as it did. I don’t know why because I have bought Warpaint items before and I have loved it. I think it’s because I struggle to find smokey style eyeshadows that suit my avatar. It either overpowers her or looks really bad. I guess it’s like real life then cause lord knows I’ve had my struggles. This though was like…boom…instant sexy. I didn’t even need to add any lipgloss. It would have detracted from it and with this I think it’s everything so why spoil it. This is the make up of the whole face. We are done here. You can’t improve perfection. Mic drop.

Here is a shot of the things on the bench…(unedited inworld shot)

Are we still doing mic drops though? I don’t want to somehow look uncool. It’s been a while since I’ve interacted with people, can you tell?! We are just going to move on from that really swiftly and I’m going to talk a little bit abut the cups. The held cup is by Bubbles, it’s got two cute sakura blossoms floating inside in the tea but what I liked most was that it came with a holding animation so my avatar can look like she’s mid tea sip. That’s just wonderfully special and I love that. I couldn’t decide which cups I even wanted for the image because along came Random Matter with a beautifully crafted cup and then the struggle was real. I loved that one too. Though the one from Random Matter is decor. Just look at the texture inside the cup, that there (above) is an unedited shot. That’s literally what it looks like inworld. I’m amazed at how good. It’s almost time to hop on to a meeting now so I’m just going to say, see you tommorow hopefully and enjoy the credits.



Hair ribbons: [ *PSS* ] Sakura Head Ribbon Rare R {@Sakura Matsuri}
Ears used: [ Sweet Thing ] Nahri Ears  {@Mainstore}
Eyes: [S0ng] Hanon Eyes {@Sakura Matsuri}
Hair: [ Tram ] tram K0227 hair(B) {@Collabor88}
Eyeshadow: [ Warpaint ] Polaris eyeshadow (Genus, BoM, Catwa, Lelutka, Omega) {@Collabor88}
Dress: [ Sorumin ] Spring vibe dress (Legacy, Kupra, Kups, Maitreya, M.Petite, M.Perky) {@Equal10}

Bench: [ Shifuku ] Park Bench (red) 3Li {@Sakura Matsuri}
Lanterns: [ Shifuku ] Matsuri Paper Lantern 02 (short) {@Sakura Matsuri}
Sakura petals: [ SR ] Sakura Petal {@Sakura Matsuri}
Tea cup and saucer (held): [ Bubble ] Sakura Tea Cup (held version) {@Sakura Matsuri}
Coffee and Macarons: [.random.Matter.] One Dark Morn – Cappuccino 1li {@Collabor88}
Berries: [.random.Matter.] One Dark Morn – Berries 1li {@Collabor88}

Pose is a combination of the tea cup hold pose, the bench pose and some slight head posing with the lelutka axis hud.

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.  Mesh body parts used are the Legacy Perky mesh body combined with Genus Baby mesh head. Skin is by Not Found and worn using BOM.

Supporting Cast

Bag of Oranges: [ Dust Bunny ] dust bunny . beach day . net bag 2li
Backdrop: [ taikou ] quiet afternoon backdrop 19Li

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