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A simply fantastical seat

A simply fantastical seat

We have a decor post for you to day and with this I wanted it to look like a fantasy setting. Something you could sit in and tell a most fantastical tale of adventure, fantasy and daring do.

However, if you just want to sit and nap…that works too. I vote for the second option because I find myself falling asleep at random moments due to my body trying to catch up with the lack of sleep I’ve had. Yesterday was the best night’s sleep I had had in what feels like forever (really only 4 days). Who ever it was that sent the rain my way, I wish you only the best life ever. I needed it.

On waking up I felt energized, inspired and raring to go. This meant I ended up setting the scene I had wanted to for a few days. It’s a indoors meets outdoors theme again and I’ve used a few items from the current round of Collabor88. As you know, the theme is fairytale and I wanted to make a room decor that gives a nod to that.

I wanted to also add glow lighting too both on the outside and the inside too. The hanging flower lights were an utter godsend for this moment in time to really tie it all together.


Chair: [Fancy Decor] Richards Wingback Chair – brown (adult) 3li {@Collabor88}

Picture frame: [Fancy Decor] Richards Art (texture change) 1li {@Collabor88}

Side Table: [Fancy Decor] Richards Side Table 1li {@Collabor88}

Candle (large): [Fancy Decor] Richards Candle 1li {@Collabor88}

Candle (small): [Fancy Decor] Richards Candle 1li {@Collabor88}


Purple lighted paper bag: [+Half-Deer+] Paper Bag Luminary – Stars – Black A 1li {@Anthem}

Yellow lighted paper bag: [+Half-Deer+] Paper Bag Luminary – Stars – Brown A 1li {@Anthem}

Terrarium near photo: [+Half-Deer+] Succulent Crystal Terrarium – Green/Black (Big) *resized larger to 12li, normally 2li {@Collabor88}

Terrarium next to it: [+Half-Deer+] Succulent Crystal Terrarium – Pink/Gold (Small) 3li *resized 1li normally. {@Collabor88}

Terrarium (left and in foreground): [+Half-Deer+] Succulent Crystal Terrarium – Green/Gold (Med) 5li *resized 2li normally. {@Collabor88}

Terrarium (Middle): [+Half-Deer+] Succulent Crystal Terrarium – Pink/Gold (Small) 3li *slightly resized {@Collabor88}

Terrarium (closet to chair leg): [+Half-Deer+] Succulent Crystal Terrarium – Pink/Gold (Big) 2li {@Collabor88}

Ivy on wall and floor: [+Half-Deer+] English Ivy {@Mainstore} *

Petals on ground: [+Half-Deer+] Sakura Petals {@Mainstore} *


Hanging floral light 1: [Lagom] Dangling flower lights [ Yellow ] 2li {@Mainstore}

Hanging floral light 2: [Lagom] Lagom – Dangling flower lights [ Pink 1 ] 2li {@Mainstore}

Hanging floral light 3: [Lagom] Lagom – Dangling flower lights [ Green ] 2li {@Mainstore}

Hanging floral light 4: [Lagom] Lagom – Dangling flower lights [ Blue ] 2li {@Mainstore}


Floor lantern: [Disorderly] Fairy Lanterns / Decor / Gold 1li {@Collabor88}

Lantern on a handle (planted in plant box): [Disorderly] Fairy Lanterns / Standing / Short / Gold 1li {@Collabor88}

Outdoor planters: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Planter 4li {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been provided by creators for blogging/review purposes unless denoted by *


Supporting Cast

Build: [Scarlet Creative] RainForest Hideaway Skybox Version 30li

Cheese plant (potted): [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 4li

Cheese plant (box pot): [Hive] potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot a 6li

Frame with Ivy and metal work: [Ariskea] Shy Ivy Old window [ Summer] 6li

Hanging pot (Ivy): [Hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 3li



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