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A secret meeting place

A secret meeting place

Hello everybody, I’m back with a post for Thursday. I present to you…a secret meeting place. It is featuring items from Refuge, Pitaya, Anc and more. All of them from The Arcade. I hope you like the garden it was the one I’ve been working on for a little bit. It looks like I will be splitting this into two again like the last post. However, unlike the last post I won’t be naming it part one and part two. They can exist seperately. This shot was the one that got in the whole scene and I liked that. I didn’t want to have to choose between a close up or a distanced shot. The little stone mushrooms are adorable, they are by What Next. It is not from the Arcade it’s from the mainstore but I snuck these in too because, look at them. So cute. The perfect garden decoration. I think I might have a real soft spot for the colour red because that fence too…chefs kiss. The colour is beautiful.

The build items are by Refuge. The screen, the lamps and the seats. Pitaya’s gacha had a lovely light that I thought would look really lovely in the scene too. It’s one of those that looks good on steps, near rocks and in grass. I have a few other things in this scene that aren’t from The Arcade and I will list them down below. Just like the flower bouquet I used in yesterday’s image. It can be used as decor as well simply by rezzing it. I resized the one in the image to be bigger because I was only using one. All in all I think it is a lovely place to meet, perhaps to have a sandwich or two and just talk. I will tell you one thing, the sound of the water fountain was so relaxing while setting up. It’s really comforting. I love the sound of water.



Items in scene from The Arcade…

Screen: [Refuge] Andover Privacy Wall Dark RARE 8Li {@The Arcade}
Bench: [Refuge] Andover Bench Dark 10Li {@The Arcade}
Lamp: [Refuge] Andover Street Lamp Single Dark 1Li {@The Arcade}
Fountain: [Refuge] Andover Fountain Dark 13Li {@The Arcade}
Wastebin: [Refuge] Andover Trash Bin Dark 1Li {@The Arcade}
Large white flowers: [Anc] {anc} anemone / giant flower 15Li (white) 15Li each (original size shown)* {@The Arcade}
Outdoor Lantern: [Pitaya] Pavilion paths – stone lighthouse 1Li* {@The Arcade}
Fence: [Pitaya] Pavilion paths – long red fence 2Li* {@The Arcade}

Items from Mainstores…

Mushrooms: [What Next] Toadstool Garden Decor 1Li (texture change) {@Mainstore}
Vine: [+Half-Deer+] White Blossom Vines – D 3Li {@Mainstore}
Grass: [ keke ] clover grass . summer . 10 x 10 1Li {@Mainstore}

Items from more events…

Bouquet: [KraftWork] Bridal Bouquet (held comes with hold pose/ can be rezzed as decor) (click to change colour) {@TLC}


*All above listed items have been kinly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Where they have been purchased they are denoted with an *.

*Please note that the Refuge mainstore is currently closed for remodel, however the location link has still been filled in.

Supporting Cast

Tree: [HPMD] Garden Tree07 – green a 8Li
Dirt Road: [HPMD] Dirt Road/curve – light brown 3Li
Small white flowers: [Heart] Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace 1Li

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