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A much loved shade

A much loved shade

I love these shades of colour. I could roll around in it all day like it were cat nip. The sofa looks so comfortable and the Smore stool seems like it would simply sink softly beneath my weight. I might want to nibble on the edges too…just to confirm it won’t break apart into sugar goodness in my mouth. It’s soft, it’s squishy and only biting it will convince me.


The following listed items are by Lagom and part of the Babygirl Gacha at Equal10. The picture is focused on the top floor of the skybox.

Build: 01. [Lagom] – Babygirl [ Skybox ] RARE 34li

Bed: 13. [Lagom]- Babygirl [ Bed PG ] 22li

Sofa: 12. [Lagom]- Babygirl [ Sofa PG ] 12li

TV: 02. [Lagom]- Babygirl [ TV ] 1li

Rug: 10. [Lagom] – Babygirl [ Rug ] 3li

Wall sign: 11. [Lagom] – Babygirl [ Babygirl Sign ] 3li

Top on hanger: 06. [Lagom] – Babygirl [ Shirt hanger ] 3li

Dream catcher: 04. [Lagom] – Babygirl [ Dream Catcher Gold ] 1li

Heart shaped wall light: 09. [Lagom] – Babygirl [ Nightlight ] 1li

Open box on floor: 07. [Lagom] – Babygirl [ Naughty box A ] 1li

Box on top of stool: 08. [Lagom] – Babygirl [ Naughty box B ] 2li


The following item is by MishMish and available at Collabor88

♡  Stool: [MishMish] – Cute Smore Seat – Kawaii 2li


Wardrobes: 07. [Lagom] – Sakura bathroom [ Towel-Closet Pink ] 1li


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes


Supporting Cast

♡  Fuzzy stool: [dust bunny] . sweet dreams . fur stool 2li

  Pile of books on ground: [dust bunny] . sweet dreams . books 1li

Curtains: [dust bunny] . sweet dreams . curtains . c 8li

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