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I’m going to start by saying, I had such a nice sleep yesterday. I feel so well rested and headache free. Guess what I did this morning then? that’s right, I went in-world and actually enjoyed myself again. Shopping was fun better yet since it was more a hunt followed by a mixture of Happy weekend, Wanderlust and The Epiphany. I felt rich with just a small amount of money. Flashing the cash and all that.

While I was shopping then stopping off back home to start building a scene, I caught this moment. It didn’t actually look half bad so I took a picture and finished it off and here we are! I’m also uploading it earlier than usual. I’m going to go back and finish working on the decorating and leave this here along with the shopping credits.

Have a wonderful Saturday! and please stay indoors.



Hair: [Monso] My Hair – Maria {@Collabor88}

Eyelashes: [Stardust] Anime Eyelashes (Genus,Omega,Catwa) {@Mainstore}

Egg sweets (worn on cheek): [Kotte] face pack – gummy – egg (cheeks) {@Mainstore for Happy Weekend}

Sweet bottle (in mouth): [Kotte] face pack – gummy – worm – pink/blue (mouth) {@Mainstore for Happy Weekend}

Worm sweet (in mouth): [Kotte] face pack – gummy – soda – bubblegum (mouth) {@Mainstore for Happy Weekend}

Top: [Kaithleen’s] BF Satin Lingerie Top Sheer (Maitreya,EBody,Freya,Hg,Isis,Legacy,LPerky) {@Collabor88}

Jeans: [Kaithleen’s] BF Jeans (Maitreya,EBody,Freya,HG,Isis,Legacy) {@Collabor88}

Drinks tray set: [ChicChica] Limoncello Tray 1{@Collabor88}

Held drink: [ChicChica] Limoncello WEAR {@Collabor88}

Photo (behind): [Ionic] Spring will come (frames) {@Equal10}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**mesh body used in today’s post is the maitreya lara combined with the Genus baby mesh head. Skin is Nucca by Pepe Skins.


Supporting Cast

Build taken in: [Onsu] “Downtown” Skybox  93li *subscriber gift

Eyes: [AG] Echo Eyes 14 *gacha item

Pose is from the sofa being sat on also from Ionic’s gacha set however it is also combined with the hold animation from the glass.

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