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A magical night

A Magical Night

I am finally home and wow what a whirlwind. I forgot how tiring holidays can be, the travelling bit sucks. I was so glad to return home and just sit but there was also something strange about getting home. As soon as I stepped in I felt like I had been away forever and a blanket of comfort had descended on me. I also had the best sleep I’ve had in a while. I am back at my computer and oh how I missed it.

I enjoyed my holiday so much that I wish I could go on another one. In fact I want to go to the exact same place again! I loved it that much. Unfortunately I can’t afford another one. At least not yet but I’m already eager to start saving for another one. I can’t wait. I managed to get some headway with blogging as well, settling back into picture taking was really nice, the chair though? not so nice.

I think before I have any more fanciful dreams of having a holiday again I need to buy a good computer chair before I am left with no spine to speak of. One of the first images I made upon arriving yesterday was today’s post. As Collabor88 opened it’s doors on the 8th for it’s birthday round  I have been eager to show off all the neat goodies. I chose to go with a home and decor post as we hadn’t had one yet. One of the things I didn’t get to do before I left. I had intended to have three images ready before I left but only got to do two.

I wanted to make a post with a magical night’s theme but just with furniture simply because the items from this round inspired this feeling. I took some artistic liberties though. An example being the gorgeous wispy drapes which are from MudHoney but are for the bed they have out at the event. I loved them so much that I decided they definitely had to remain.

I have a new love, these adorable creatures melted my heart as soon as I saw them, they turned out to look even better when rezzed. They are so beautiful! MishMish always makes me feel like this. They seem so happy in this room made up with items from this round.

There are some items that are from the mainstore, like the chandelier by Refuge and the glitter stars on the ground which are by Keke. They sparkle on and off. They are very versatile, I have used them in multiple blog posts and today I used them to add a subtle touch of glittery magic to the ground.




Wispy Drapes: [MudHoney] Elara Bed Drapes 13li @Collabor88

Gold curtains: [Nomad] Fitting Room // Gold // PG 9li @Collabor88

Chair: [Bad Unicorn] Lazy Leather Seat – ADULT 4li @Collabor88

Ottoman/large pillow: [Bad Unicorn] Lazy Leather Ottoman – ADULT 3li @Collabor88

Sparkle jars: [Disorderly] Sparkle Jars @Collabor88


Lamp (foreground & on Dresser): [Fancy Decor] Celeste Hurricane Candle 1li @Collabor88

Dresser: [Fancy Decor] Celeste Dresser (black) 2li @Collabor88

Gold star sculptures: [Fancy Decor] Celeste Star Sculpture (on dresser and on jar on ground) 1li each @Collabor88

Mirror: [Fancy Decor] Celeste Mirror 2li @Collabor88


Black framed mirror: [MudHoney] Elara Mirror 1li @Collabor88

Crescent on dresser: [Schadenfreude] Mahina’s Moon Bowl Lamp 1li @Collabor88

Crescent on ground near chair: [Schadenfreude] Mahina’s Moon Lamp (no cast light) 1li @Collabor88


Table: [Second Spaces] Stardust – side table – black 1li @Collabor88

Items on top: [Second Spaces] Stardust – decorative tray gold 1li @Collabor88

Chandelier: [Refuge] Cosmo Lighting Gold 11 li @Mainstore

Glitter on floor: [ keke ] starry glitter . many . 3 LI  @Mainstore


Fox on chair: [MishMish] Moonlight Fox – Gold – Stance 2 1li @Collabor88

Fox sitting at the window: [MishMish] Moonlight Fox – Teal – Sitting 1li @Collabor88

Sleeping on cushion/ottoman: [MishMish] Moonlight Fox – Purple – Sleeping 1li @Collabor88

Alert fox next to sleepyhead: [MishMish] Moonlight Fox – Pink – Playful 1li @Collabor88


Starry constellation wall: [Soy] Pinned Astronomy Wall Decor (All Stars and Constellations) 7li @Collabor88



Supporting Cast


Build: [Bueno] Studio Skybox-Panda 19li


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