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A Last Magical touch

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Today’s scene was put together quickly but not because I was in a rush. It simply all fell together that way and I liked it as it was. A marked contrast to today, today I’ve been frustrated, constantly chasing after things. In general I feel quite harassed. Now that work is over, I wish I could say I have gotten rid of the nervous energy I feel. I have not. At all. I’m still irritable, I hate that computers hate me and nothing is working right and hasn’t been for a few days. I thought I might get a nice break during the weekend but I was ill for most of it. Is this just cabin fever brought on by lockdown…

I forgot to pay my rent so I logged on to a land that was no longer mine. It’s okay though, I went to a premium sandbox instead. It was huge and almost entirely empty. Getting that much space to work with was ridiculously indulgent.

It meant I was able to rezz with abandon and I fully indulged in it too. I’ve taken the picture almost as the items were rezzed. I didn’t have to move too much at all, only the things on top of the stage.

It’s one of my favourate things about Ionic’s gachas. It all just falls magically into place. Look how pretty it all is. I tied it in with a few items from Collabor88 that I thought would work really well with the magical feel.

Like the mannequin with wings and a halo by Half Deer and these adorable little wooden dolls. They seem to be setting the flowers out and making sure everything is screwed in just right. I want to steal a candy floss…or two but then that would have spoiled the picture. I do wonder though, if you shook the hanging lights a little would they tinkle with the sounds of stars?

Isn’t the tall lamp quirky? I love it! you’ll never guess who made it~!


Lamp: [Pure Poison] PPDeco – SourLamp {@Collabor88}

Ionic’s gacha Set ‘The Happiest Day’ @Equal10

Sign: ionic : Trust me you can dance! LI: 5
Envelope on ground: ionic : Save the date LI: 1
Table of candy floss: ionic : Cotton candy Table LI: 10
White chair: ionic : Vintage Ceremony Chair (Butterfly ) LI: 6
Cake: ionic : Strawberries & Daisies Cake LI: 9
Standing boards with vines (behind table): ionic : Eucalyptus and pastel colors Background LI: 7
diamond scuplture: ionic : Ceremony arch (Triangles) LI: 5
Hanging lights: ionic : Moon & Stars Light Curtain LI: 30
moon crescent sculpture: ionic : Ceremony arch (Moon) LI: 8
Stage: ionic: The Happiest day – RARE LI: 44
Brown chair: ionic : Vintage Ceremony Chair (Natural Rose& Eucalyptus) LI: 4

Mannequin with wings: [Half Deer] Angel Dress Form – Tex. Change (w/ skirt + halo) LI: 10 {@Collabor88}

Wooden doll near sign: [DaD] “Wooden plant buddies” Climbing C LI: 2 {@Collabor88}

Wooden doll near candyfloss: [DaD] “Wooden plant buddies” Stand A w flowers LI: 3 {@Collabor88}

Wooden doll sat on chair: [DaD] “Wooden plant buddies” Sit on ground LI: 2 {@Collabor88}

*all items listed above have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree07 – green a

Bushes/trees: *alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

Sakura petals on ground: [Half Deer] Sakura Petals


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