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It seems cruel of me to torture myself by making this blog post while I’m positively ravenous. As the evening is going to consist of a veritable feast of all foods completely bad for me I’ve been trying not to eat anything all day and now that it has come up to the last hours of it I am so hungry I could cry. In fact all I want to do instead is sleep so I don’t have to remain hungry. I’m already dreaming of eating.

As I go through the table and list every delicious item presented upon this banqueting table by Schadenfreude even the lemons seem like something I could find a lot of pleasure in having right now. Squeezed into a tall glass of water and ice. Perfect.

While I’m imagining this lovely mental simulation here comes the list of items below.




Items available @ Collabor88

Table: [Schadenfreude] Grydde Banquet Table (3 leaves, seats 16) 2li

Lemons (center table display): [Disorderly] Spring Fresh / Lemon Centerpiece 4li

Lemons (on cutting board): [Disorderly] Spring Fresh / Lemon Cutting Board 1li


Items from IONIC’s A Comer! @Equal 10

Working from the foreground to further back into the image…

Flatbread: Tortilla 5li

Truffles: Trufitas de chocolate 4li

Eggs: Huevos pasados por agua 2li

Avocado & bread: Tosta de aguacate 2li

Dips: Hummus de calabaza y guacamole 2li

Churro: Churros con chocolate 3li

Milk & cookie tray: La bandeja del desayuno 3li

Bread sticks: Barras de pan 4li


*All above items have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes.

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Supporting Cast


Build: [Scarlet Creative] The Arcade June 15 – Rwah Rustic Barn RARE 69li

Chairs:  [Dust Bunny] autumns calling . chair type a, b, c & d (2, 3 & 4li)

Basket behind chair: {vespertine} heritage laundry basket 4li

Bench at the end of the table: [Dust Bunny] autumns calling . bench 5li

Plate setting: [Blue Sky] Porcelain Place Setting 2li

Place setting at the very end of table: [Apple Fall] Autumn Place Setting 3li

Cabinet: [Apple Fall] China Cabinet 16li

Shelf above fireplace: {vespertine} greenhouse storage shelf /plain wood 1li

Fireplace: [Apple Fall] Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace – Black 8li

House plant: {vespertine} birds of paradise palm 4li


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