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A frosty morning

A frosty morning

Have you noticed that sometimes the mornings come with frost. It is so cold I almost believe winter is already here. Maybe we are just relying on a technicality or am I to believe that it is to get colder still?

I’m already wearing thick gloves in the morning. They are so thick it makes gripping things quite hard and yet I still feel the tingle of cold in my finger tips. I’ve also already pulled out my scarf from the cupboard. Next I have no doubt I will be buying fur-lined boots.

There’s something pretty about it if I’m being honest but I think I’m always too cold to fully appreciate it. However, for the short time I am out the contrast between the sun and the frost is one of natures prettier combinations.



♡ Bench: [What Next] ‘Wintry’ Pembury Bench 3li

♡ Cups on bench: [Second Spaces] Autumn Comfort – cider 1li @Collabor88

♡ Wall sign (large): [What Next] Harvest Wall Decor 1li

♡ Wall Sign (small): [Keke] soft as the wind is wild . clean 1li

♡ Fuel cans: [Keke] ego oil 1li each

♡ Blocks (under bench): [What Next] I Love Fall Blocks (mantle size) 1li

♡ Basket (under bench): [Soy] Vintage Woven Picnic Basket [Green] 3li @Collabor88

♡ Barrels on ground: [Lagom] Frosty Fall set [ Frosty buckets ] 1li @TLC

♡ Book pile with candles: [Second Spaces] Autumn Comfort – cider 1li @Collabor88

♡ Vase of wheat: [What Next] Harvest Wheat Vase 2li

♡ Bin bags: [Lagom] Frosty Fall set [ Leaf bags ] 3li @TLC

♡ Leaves on ground: [Lagom] Frosty Fall set [ Leaf pile 1 ] 2li @TLC

♡ Rocks: [Soy] Soy. Campfire Set – Rock(A) 1li @Collabor88

♡ Kettle: [Soy] Campfire Set – Hanging Pole with Kettle 2li @Collabor88

♡ Rack with jacket: [Lagom] Frosty Fall set [ Forgotten jacket ] 9li @TLC

♡ Hanging light bottles: [Keke] bottle lights on a string . beach wood 7li

♡ Bed: [Nomad] Nature Linen Bed 13li @Collabor88

♡ Build used: [Scarlet Creative] Carpenter Shed House 50li

♡ Fence: [Ionic] Urban Fence 3li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 



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