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A Ducks day out

A duck's day out

Watch the little duckies as the pitter-patter off to the beckoning water. They’ve come prepared with their little floats and absolutely not going to miss out on a chance to take a dip. All while they have a brief rare moment home alone. The chilling lemonade on the patio suggests it won’t last long before someones back.



The following listed items are available from the current round of Collabor88


a ducks day out close 1.jpg


Table: [Fancy Decor] Briar Table (white) 3li @C88

Chair: [Fancy Decor] Briar Chair (white) 2li each @C88

Cushion: [Fancy Decor] Briar Pillow 1li each @C88

Lantern on table: [Fancy Decor] Briar Lantern (white) 2li  @C88

Lemonade: [Fancy Decor] Briar Lemonade Holder 3li @C88


a ducks day out close 2.jpg


House: [Trompe Loeil] – Ndari Beach House Ocean 57 li @C88

Hanging Chair: [+Half-Deer+] Tasseled Hanging Chair – White 5li  @C88

Ducks: [Black Bantam] Poolside Baby Duck Floatie @C88

Sea shell curtains: [Disorderly] Shell Summer / Lighted Curtain (8li at orginal size)  @C88

Seashell stringlights along base of patio: [Disorderly] String Lights (6li per piece)  @C88


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

plant: {vespertine}- birds of paradise palm. 4li


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