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A drop of natural magic

Hello everyone, happy Sunday. I hope it is as relaxing for you as it is for me currently.  I wanted to try the outdoor bath theme again. There’s just something really magical about an outdoor bath. It also seems that I am not the only one that finds them fascinating since after a curious and impromptu search of google I found that there are an awful lot of them. Each one so much more magical than the last. Guess what I’ve added to my real life wish list.

You got it! an outdoor bath. Will I ever realistically get one? probably not but then I probably might…there’s still time to find out. After all if you don’t dream what will you have to work towards? In the mean time, Second Life is a world full of virtual possibilities and in world I can definitely have an outdoor bath.

So please read on for the credits…




Bath: [Refuge] Lun Bubble Bath Original 27li

Side table with towel & wash bottle: [Refuge] Lun Table Original 2li

These items are exclusive to the Builders Box. In order to get them you need to purchase the Builders Box which is a Home furniture and decor subscription box.

{Builders Box website} {Buy on Marketplace}


Crate Seat with purple pillow: [Refuge] Emme Crate Seat A 6li

Crate Seat with purple pillow: [Refuge] Emme Crate Seat C 6li

Flower candle lights: [Refuge] Emme Candle A 2li

Small tealight candle: [Refuge] Emme Candle B 1li


Leaves on the ground around the bath: [Keke] fall leaves 1li (available at the mainstore)


*curious about the items inside the cabinet? that’s okay I can tell you. Starting from the bottom shelf, the twin dark bottles set are by Fancy Decor and from the Crane bathroom set. The rest of the items are by Apple Fall and the very small flower on the top shelf is also by Fancy Decor.


Supporting Cast


Tall Cabinet: [Con.] Basic Display Cabinet 2li

Cabinet short (without glass display): [Con.] Basic Side table 2li

Jug with flower: [Madras] 01 Spring Flower Jar 3li (from the current round of the arcade – Mar 2019)

Jar of bath brushes: [Apple Fall] Bath Brushes in Milk Glass Jar 1li

Grass and path are by HPMD

Build: The build does not exist in the technical sense of the word. It was built to mimick what I wanted. I used the following items from Apple Fall; Farrow Garden Wall and Hartley Fencing.


Supporting Cast: The Greenery


Climbing ivy: [T-Spot Mesh] Ivy Cover for Columns & Trees – LI=2

Potted hanging ivy: [Hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . light 3li

Cheese plant (large leaves in the foreground): [Dust bunny] potted cheese plant 4li


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