A Dark night

Welcome back, I hope you’re having a fantastic lazy Saturday. For today’s post I got to share it with Ichigo again and we stared in our own mini movie. It was a lot of fun actually. We set the scene and Ichi got to dress in a really cute one piece from Sweet Thing that gave her avatar’s bottom ‘the’ cutest curves ever. In contrast I got to dress up in the lovely belted shorts by The Secret Store and combined it with a flattering top by Asteroid Box. I love that the bra and the top are both separate. You have the option to wear both or one or the other. For this shot I’m wearing them both together of course.

Collabor88 will be changing rounds soon with the last day of shopping tomorrow you’ve got only a short amount of time left to grab the items in the current round before they return to the mainstores. My avatar’s hairstyle for example. This is by Sintiklia and in the current round along with the shorts and also the wood shelves and pieces in the background. The straight wood pieces come from Floorplan’s privacy fence building kit and the square shelves are by Second Spaces. By putting them together they gave a really nice background and show that sometimes items can be used for a completely different purpose than first thought. The privacy fence comes with the fence and the wood posts which when put together make an easily built privacy fence to fit both large and small segments of your home.

The Shelves by second spaces are spilt into little cubby hole squares and come in a pastel colour interior and a black interior. For this scene however I used the ones with the black interior.

My pose is by Serendipity Poses and I do love their poses. If you haven’t visited the store yet that link is also below as with all other stores featured. The sexy black boots are by Pure Poison and are amazing. Especially matched with fish net appliers. That isn’t pictured here but I have worn them with the Villena Fishnet appliers and wow do they look amazing together. They are gorgeous boots and very versatile and yes, they do come in other colours than black. As usual with Pure Poison shoes it comes with the colour hud and what I’ve termed the Pure Poison Palette of colours. So if you don’t like black? then there are other colours to be had in the same pack. In this scene though, black rules.

And now lets punch our way into the credits with these snazzy gauntlets by Cubic Cherry…here come the credits, kapow!




Poses: (main image) – Adine 1/ichigo/ and Mary 3 (mirror) /parfait/ by Serendipity Poses

Poses: (portrait) – Mary 1 /Parfait/ by Serendipity Poses


On Parfait

Hair: [Sintiklia] Milan @Collabor88

Ears: [Random Matter] Iseul Ears @Collabor88

Gauntlets: [Cubic Cherry] Ra Gauntlets (slink, maitreya)

Top: [AsteroidBox] Elpis Top (matireya,freya,petite,hourglass) @Mainstore (previously at Equal10)

Shorts: [The Secret Store] Aster Garter Shorts (maitreya, freya,hourglass) @Collabor88

Boots: [Pure Poison] Beth Boots (maitreya,freya,hourglass,isis)

Wood posts: [Floorplan] privacy fence / wood (part of the privacy fence set) @Collabor88

Shelves: [Second Spaces] fresh & Clean cubbies – black @Collabor88


Below are images the items used in the background of today’s image so you can see them up close.

floorplan privacy fencesecond spaces shelves cabinet


Here is an image of the Beth boots in person combined with the fish nets I told you about. Isn’t it bomb?




Supporting Cast


Backdrop: [Ninety] Esquina Backdrop @Sanarae

Onepiece outfit worn by Ichi: [Sweet Thing] Catsuit Playset

Ichi’s heels: [Phedora] Lunary pumps

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