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A Christmas style lunch

A Christmas style lunch

What is your table going to look like this Christmas. Is it too early to ask that question? Nonsense. It is never too early. I am in charge of decorating the table this year and so my virtual one won’t see much loving but the real life one is going to be epic. Of course it is going to have crackers. Something missing from my image granted. However, do you know what is even better?!

These table mats. They are simply amazing. You set them on your table and you click it and food magically appears. I’m not even kidding. It sounds like something out of a magical dream doesn’t it. Yet that’s what happens.

The RH Holiday Dinner comes with a menu when you click it that allows you to choose between display or eating and in each you can choose Soup or Appetizers, a Fish or Meat main course or a dessert. The dessert was so cute! The meal looks gorgeous like something you would get at a fancy five star where the food is practically microscopic and more a work of art.

The sweet treats on the table are from Random Matter and Andika. The cups of overflowing chocolate is making me salivate. I even set up the stockings in the cupboard. It’s see through so Santa will still find them, not to worry.

I’m really excited! can you tell? Christmas is going to be awesome this year, just like every year. I’ve got another shopping list for you below.



Place settings: [[RH]] HOLIDAY DINNER Server -Star- 1li (the rezzed meals come with their own different land impacts) @Tannenbaum

White Cake: [andika] [Joy and Happiness]Cake/2i-Decor 2li @Tannenbaum

Chocolate drinks: [.random.Matter.] Holiday Tea – Cocoa 1li @Tannenbaum

Plate of cookies: [.random.Matter.] Holiday Tea – Cookies 1li @Tannenbaum

Cookie bowl: [andika] [Joy and Happiness]cookie set 2li @Tannenbaum

Chocolate pie: [.random.Matter.] Holiday Tea – Pie [Whole] 1li @Tannenbaum

Floral table tree decor: [Tuesdays] Tree Table Decor – 3 1li @Tannenbaum

Wooden table tree decor: [Tuesdays] Tree Table Decor – 1 1li @Tannenbaum

Glass globe and plant centrepiece: [Barley] Glasgow Table Centerpiece 7li @Tannenbaum

Christmas bauble (by plates): 09 [Fancy Decor] Floral Ornament C @Tannenbaum

Christmas bauble (tall bronze one): 03 [Fancy Decor] Finial Ornament A (color change) 1li @Tannenbaum

Christmas bauble (round floral one): 07 [Fancy Decor] Floral Ornament A 1li @Tannenbaum

Christmas stocking (green): [+Half-Deer+] Christmas Stocking – Paw (Green-Knit) 3li @Tannenbaum

Christmas stocking (navy): [+Half-Deer+] Christmas Stocking – PomPom (Navy-Star) 3li @Tannenbaum

Christmas stocking (red): [+Half-Deer+] Christmas Stocking – Wings (Red-Polkadot) 3li @Tannenbaum

Wooden sign (ground near curtain): [Lagom] Christmas Hallway [ Sign Dear santa ]1li @Tannenbaum


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Cheese tray: [Apple Fall] Cheeseboard 1li

Present boxes: [Disorderly] Gift of Light 1li

Chairs: [Apple Fall] Anashara Dining Chair – Moss 1li

Table: [West Village] Anashara Dining Table – Aged Oak 3li

Cupboard: [West Village]  Chinoise Cabinet – Aged Oak 4li

Books in cupboard: [Apple Fall]  Books – Arrangement 1 and 2 1li each

Curtains: [Apple Fall] Milton Curtains 7li

Build: [Apple Fall]  Country Hall 148li

Bottled drinks in cupboard: [Apple Fall] Lemon & Lime Water 1li each

Tree: [dust bunny ] alpine christmas tree . decorated 16li

Tea set in cupboard: [Apple Fall]  Juliette Tea Cups, Stacked and Apple Fall Juliette Teapot 1li each



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