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A Christmas Morn

There’s something very pretty about waking up to a mountain of fresh snow outside, while indoors the fire burns merrily in the hearth.


Featured furniture items

Tree Baubles: [Fancy Decor] Stay Golden Ornament Collection (gacha item) @Tannenbaum

Table:  [Fancy Decor] Fancy Decor: Faline Coffee Table (white) 2li @Mainstore

Pillow: 15 [Fancy Decor] Jones Pillow A (gacha item) 1li @Mainstore

Tray of Candles: [ keke ] candle platter w snowberries – wood 2li @Uber

Trio of Potted plants on bench: [ keke ] snowberries in vase – gold, white, wood (each one is 2li) @Uber

Penguin Cup of Hot Cocoa: [What Next] Wintertime Mug Decor 1li @Mainstore

Sleigh: [What Next] Wintertime Sled Server 1li @Mainstore

Garland across the fireplace: [What Next] Wintertime Cocoa & Cookies Garland 1li @Mainstore

Plate of winter themed cookies: [What Next] Wintertime Cookies 1li @Mainstore

Winter Trees: [ keke ] Small Leaf Tree all seasons @Mainstore


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Extra credits list

Cupboards: [Apple Fall]  Mercantile Bookshelf – Double w/ Doors 3li each

Tree: [Apple Fall] Heritage Christmas Tree – Spruce Green 16li

Wreath: [Apple Fall] Magnolia Leaf Wreath 3li

Presents: [Dust Bunny] Christmas presents 1li each

Bench: [Apple Fall] Neva’s Sideboard (gacha item) 4li

Dog: [Schadenfreude] Boston Dog Days of Summer Chewing (modified)(gacha item) 2li 

Circle sofa: [Soy] Round Sofa [w/texture changer]

Fireplace: [Apple Fall] Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace – Black 5li

Rug: 7. [Apple Fall] Patchwork Rug 2li

Building: [Scarlet Creative] Prairie Cream Cottage 136li



Books in Cupboard

Book stack 1 (standing): [Fancy Decor] Bernard Books 1li

Book stack 2 (laying): [Fancy Decor] Flora Book Stack 1li

Book stack 3 (with lavender on the top shelf): [Dust Bunny] wiccan book stack 1li


*Featured in Pick of the Day on LTD website on 30th of November 2018


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