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A Chinese New Year

Yesterday was Chinese new year and Ichi and I celebrated by playing dress up with our avatars! It was harder than I thought to find items for celebrating with or perhaps it was just that I didn’t know enough places. It was practically a god send to find the backdrop at Cosmopolitan. It was by Paparazzi and entirely just what we needed.

Second we went down to Zenith’s store to raid the group gifts there  because Zenith has always been good about having themed gifts for such events and so we wore the one from the 2018 new year’s gift. It turned out to be so much more lovely than I had anticipated. It did mean I had to use my Maitreya body because it only comes in one size oh but what a dress it is. It’s the cutest. We mixed and matched some headdresses from the previous years outfits and suddenly we had a perfect match to our backdrop.

Next and back up to date again, picking the perfect pose. That’s where SEmotion came into play with the brand new poses also available at Cosmopolitan. I love them they seemed so playful to me and exactly what I wanted in our picture.

Then, to finish it off, atmosphere and this day was the day I had been waiting for. The chance to use the new release by Kotte in a dramatic befitting fashion. Look how amazing that is. It finished off the picture really well. It’s such a fun amazing gacha. Each piece is so pretty that whatever you get from this gacha you’ll be entirely happy with it.

This would have been up on Flickr yesterday but I broke Flickr on my computer and so it is up on Flickr today instead. How did you celebrate your Chinese new year? I ate lots of Chinese food and watched a movie. I didn’t get to decorate the place like I usually do but I do have my new calendar out now.



Poses: [SEmotion]  Female Bento Modeling poses set 54 @Cosmopolitan

(Ichi– red dress – is using pose 523 and Parfait -Blue dress- is using 521)


The following listed items are from Kotte’s Xin Nian Gacha set @Shiny Shabby

Flying envelopes; xin nian – envelope confetti (wear/rez) 2li

Bowl of Candy: xin nian – new year candy plate (rez) 1li

Bowl of soup: xin nian – tang yuan (rez) 1li

Sweets: xin nian – happy new year candy (mouth) 1li

Mandarin trees: xin nian – mandarin tree (rez) 2li each


*All items listed above have kindly been provided by Creators for blogging / review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Paparazzi] – BACKDROP – Chinese New Year 10li

Hair 1: Ichigo – is wearing hair from Barberyumyum which was for the Fifty Linden friday just gone and is still presently at the store but as at publishing this post it was 99 lindens.

Hair 2: Parfait – [Sintiklia] Eun in light blondes 2

Outfits and headdresses as well as the fur stole are all part of the group gifts from Zenith. Group was free to join at time of publishing.

In regards to Ichi’s nail polish I do not know who made it but I can ask her and update it as soon as possible.

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