A Bear becomes a Fox

A Bear becomes a Fox

Today a Bear is a Fox and that my dears is a clever trick indeed. She popped open a box and ‘poof’ quick as can be, the sparkles parted and there was a Fox.

The set my avatar is wearing in today’s image is by Kotte and part of the Huli Jing gacha set available at the Seasons Story. It is one of those images again that doesn’t need a lot of items to make it sparkle. Although I like to mix outfits and make something new other times it seems terribly uncouth to touch what is already just perfect together. This is one of those times. I am missing a few items like the lipstick and the typer (which is my life right now, not removing it. Everyone will just have to accept that I produce flowers when I type now. It’s my piece of joy in SL. Far more entertaining now than watching my avatar dance. I digress)

If you don’t know what a typer is then I’ll tell you. It activates when you type. In this case there’s a flurry of pretty flowers that appear. It is magical. I want to type just to see it. I actually do. People must think I’m crazy typing away but never actually typing anything at all. It’s okay though, I already seem a little strange to most. Sshh, our secret okay.

Although this is a Maitreya only gacha, it only applies to the dress and the shoes. Everything else can be moved and I have tried it, I have a smaller avatar than most. I also usually end up on the wrong side of an object that can not resize any smaller and yet still dwarfs my avatar. So on your behalf, fellow dainty bears, I have tested the moving and well as resizing powers.



The following listed items are available at Okinawa – panic of the pumpkin

Ears: [Kotte] Huli Jing – Huli Ear Creme (unrigged)

Ear puffs: [Kotte] Huli Jing -Pompom Clip Pink (unrigged)

Dress: [Kotte] Huli Jing -Dress RARE (maitreya only)

Collar: [Kotte] Huli Jing – Fur Collar – blue (unrigged)

Tail: [Kotte] Huli Jing – huli tail – creme (unrigged)

Shoes: [Kotte] Huli Jing – Pink Shoes (maitreya only)


The following listed item was a hunt gift but now the hunt is over but it is available for 50 linden at Okinawa – panic of the pumpkin

Make up: [Kotte] Red Makeup (Catwa, Genus, Omega, System layers)


The following Items are available at the respective mainstores

Lantern: [Kotte] Yuan Xiao – Lotus Lantern – Pink @Mainstore

Pose: [Serendipity] Adora 5 @Mainstore


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**The body used in today’s post was the maitreya lara mesh body and genus mesh head (baby)

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