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A bathroom so bright

my bathroom jpeg

All your cares literally melt away the moment you step into. The lighting from the mirrors are always designed to highlight you in the best way. Outside, the water laps idly against the deck. Inside you float happily in the warm water of your large center placed bath tub with the bubbles. Of course, there will be chocolates on the side and an audio book will be playing.

This is my ideal bathroom dream. What’s yours?

my bathroom cropped 2my bathroom cropped 1

Fancy some untouched shots with in-world shadows?…was that a yes?

my bathroom snapshots inworld


Wall panels: [ Fancy Decor ] Classic Wall Panel Kit (Panel – large – gold 1 li each, Pillars – 1li each) {@Collabor88}
Wall picture: [ Ayla ] French Entryway – Portrait Frame 2li {@Collabor88}
Sphere chandelier: [ Keke ] sphere chandelier 2li {@Mainstore}
Bathroom sink: [ Fancy Decor ] Verona Double Sink (light wood) 4li * with washing hands animation. {@Mainstore}
♡  Folded towels: [ Fancy Decor ] Verona Towel Stack 1li each {@Mainstore}
Vase (Yellow flowers): [ Fancy Decor ] Verona Flower Vase 2li {@Mainstore}

Mirrors: [ Fancy Decor ] Verona Backlit Mirror  1li each {@Mainstore}

Charcol soap (on sink & tray): [ Fancy Decor] Verona Bar of Charcoal Soap 1li {@Mainstore}
Table (with towels on it): [ What Next ] Rowan Media Console 1li {@Mainstore}
Basket plant: [ Tarte ] paisley greenery basket 3li {@Collabor88}
Bathroom table stand (next to basket plant): [ Ionic ] Laundry basket & table 4li *from the Nordic Life gacha set {@Mainstore}

Candelabra: [ Ayla ] French Entryway – Candelabra w/Pearl Necklace 8li {@Collabor88}
Tray: [ Fancy Decor ] Verona Tray (texture change) 1li {@Mainstore}
Lotion bottle: [ Fancy Decor ] Verona Hand Lotion Bottle 1li {@Mainstore}
Side table: [ What Next ] Rowan Side Table 1li {@Mainstore}
Cloth basket (on ground): [ Tarte ] laundry basket (light) 3li {@Mainstore}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Rug: [ DDD ] Furry Rugs – Low LOD
Hanging plant: [ Vespertine ] hanging pothos. 4li
Indoor plant (underneath hanging one): [ Dust Bunny ] guiana chestnut tree 2li
Leafy glass vase on table: [ West Village ] Lily Leaves Spray 1li
Milk: [ West Village ] Rice Milk w/ Carrier 1li

Build: LH – Houseboat – Wallower 16 X 64 *linden homes 155li

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