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March 2019

Fashion & Decor

All together now

We got back together at least temporarily in-world in one of those spur of the moment things. I just happened to be setting the scene for a blog shoot and guess who turned up. Naturally I extended the invitation to join in and so we all posed about on the bed, in what would have simply been a Decor shot,to parade in our pretty lingerie. My avatar is featuring Cynful’s…

Fashion & Decor

A story like mine

Though this week is still at the beginning I have found that I already feel like it should be over. Does anyone else feel that way? I’ve been blown about by the wind and buffeted by my emotions. I want to continue to nap  longer than I can and I want to throw my alarm clock into the abyss when it yells at me to get up. I would like…

Garden & Landscaping Home and Decor

A drop of natural magic

Hello everyone, happy Sunday. I hope it is as relaxing for you as it is for me currently.  I wanted to try the outdoor bath theme again. There’s just something really magical about an outdoor bath. It also seems that I am not the only one that finds them fascinating since after a curious and impromptu search of google I found that there are an awful lot of them. Each…

Home and Decor

Work from home

I’ve got more interiors for you because today’s post is about more home and decor and it’s featuring Ionic again. This time I’ve brought What Next along for the ride and I really liked this room. It felt busy but also simplistic at the same time. The items featured in today’s decor scene are from The Workshop gacha by Ionic. The hanging plant is from What Next at the mainstore.…