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January 2019

Home and Decor

The overnight stay

I spent some more time decorating because Fancy Decor made a lovely bedroom set and bedrooms are one of my fun things to decorate. It might be because I love to sleep a lot. It might simply be that the bedroom is the only place I can really let my inner me shine. I love to make it look like I want, it is my domain to decorate as I…

Fashion & Decor

All in a tizzy

I believe I have found the one. This computer is so much better. Yes it took me having to try a second time but it was entirely worth it to just go for it. Now I am just swamped in returns which will need to be sent out and processed in order for me to feel safe again. In the meantime however I am cautiously ecstatic that I am back…



In total I spent 2 days testing the computer and today’s image is the second image I came out with. All editing was done with a trial version of Photoshop so I didn’t have my usual tools to hand. I thought I would share the second because it again covers some items from Etoile. I have a fondness for glasses in Second Life. Particularly the cute variety which is why…


Cheering from the sidelines

Hi everyone, I am semi here again. I have had just about the miserable-st end and start to a year ever. I have had such a spate of bad luck that I’ve felt very low indeed. I lost my phone. Not long after my TV went. Its a big one and the only one I have. That was very upsetting considering the fact that its my company. Weird as it…